Landhotel zur Eiche
Fon. +49 (0) 4163 / 80760


We provide the perfect setting for any occasion. Benefit from our long standing family experience and look forward to an exclusive event that your guests will remember. Enjoy our professional service as well as best quality of our local dishes.

The locations at our property are available for up to approximately 250 guests, depending on the function and setting.

Grundriss Landhotel zur Eiche

name of the room max. occupancy
Festsaal 170
Festsaal + Eichenzimmer 250
Hochzeitszimmer 70
Hochzeitszimmer + Clubzimmer 120
Clubzimmer 30
Eichenzimmer 60
Pavillon 24
Kegelbahn 30
Terrasse 40